Стихи на английском языке для конкурса чтецов

The Monkeys and the Crocodile

Five little monkeys
Sitting in a tree,
Teasing Uncle Crocodile
Merry as can be
Jumping high, jumping low,
"Dear Uncle Crocodile,
Come and take a bite!"
Five little monkeys
Jumping in the air,
Heads up, tails up,
Little do they care.
Jumping far and near:
Poor Uncle Crocodile,
Aren't you hungry, dear.


Round the New Year Tree

New Year Day, happy day,
We are all glad and very gay!
We all dance and sing and say,
"Welcome! Welcome! New Year Day!
Singing, dancing merrily,
Round the New Year Tree,
Merrily, merrily, merrily,
Round the New Year Tree.
Happy New Year, my friends,
Happy New Year today!
Let us dance hands in hands.
I will show you the way.


The little jumping girls

Jump, jump, jump, jump away
From this town into the next today.
Jump, jump, jump, jump over the moon;
Jump all the morning and all the moon.
Jump, jump, jump, jump all night;
Won't our mother's be in a fight?
Jump, jump, jump over the sea;
What wonderful wonders we shall see,
Jump, jump, jump, jump far away;
And all come home some other day.


At the zoo

I saw, I saw, I saw
A lion at the zoo,
I saw, I saw, I saw
A baby tiger too.
I saw, I saw, I saw
A big grey kangaroo.
I saw, I saw, I saw
I saw them at the zoo.


Big Ban

Big Ban is high above the town,
It is a symbol of the Crown.
Its sight is handsome in the noon,
At night, it's shining like a moon.
It has as many as four faces.
The deep voice's heard in many places
Its work is industrious, in fact.
It tells the time to everyone,
The job is said to be well-done.
Sometimes its stroke is like a call
Of old Sir Benjamin Hall.



My father has a pair of shoes
So beautiful to see!
I want to wear my father's shoes,
They are too big for me.
My baby's brother has a pair,
As cunning as can be!
My feet won't go into that pair,
They are too small for me.
There is only one thing I can do
Till I get small or grown.
If I want to have to wear my own.
(Tom Robinson)


The weather

When the weather is wet
We must not fret.
When the weather is cold
We must not scold.

When the weather is warm
We must not storm.
But be thankful together
Whatever the weather.


Kitty and Betty

Kitty’s house is in the country,
Betty’s house is in the city.
Kitty likes to stay with Betty,
Betty likes to stay with Kitty.
Betty likes the country best,
Kitty likes the busy city.
That is a lucky thing
For Betty and for Kitty.



The sun descending in the west,
The evening star does shine;
The birds are silent in their nest,
And I must seek for mine.
The moon, like a flower,
In heaven`s high bower,
With silent delight
Sits and smiles on the night.


Book, Look!

Since books are friends,
They need much care.
When you are reading them,
Be good to them and fair!
Use books-marks, children,
To hold your place,
And don`t turn a book
Upon its clear face.
Remember, children, then:
Books are meant to read.
Not cut or colour them-
No, really never indeed!



Some people live in the country
Where the houses are very small,
Some people live in the city
Where the houses are very tall.
But in the country where the houses are small,
The gardens are big,
And in the city where the houses are tall,
There are no gardens at all.
Where do you live?


Secret Ambitions

People sometimes say to me:
«Tell me, what do you want to be?»
I usually answer, «I don`t know»,
But it isn`t really so:
I want to win an Olympic race,
I want to see the Earth from space,
I want to travel to Timbuktu,
I want to be rich and famous, too.
I want to star on Hollywood`s screen,
I want to invent a new machine,
I want to be very clever and wise,
I want to win the Nobel prize.
But most all, I want to be.

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