"Неоновый" стрит-арт художника Adam Fu (9 фото + 2 видео)

Нью-йоркский уличный художник Адам Киёси Фудзита (Adam Kiyoshi Fujita), также известный как Adam Fu, создаёт городские рисунки, которые выглядят так, будто они светятся неоном, хотя на самом деле они сделаны с помощью особой техники с использованием аэрозольной краски. Сам художник воспринимает этот стиль как метафору "держать свет включённым".

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I had an incredible experience today. For the past week I’ve been working with @indiewalls on this banner. I was asked if I could send a message to essential healthcare workers what would I say. “We Thank You” was all I could think of as I thought of MTA drivers, bodega workers, grocery store clerks, FDNY and all other essential workers in Brooklyn and beyond. . My banner was installed this morning on 49th street and 10th Avenue in Brooklyn across the street from Maimonides Medical Center which has been working overtime during this pandemic. And at 2 pm I got to witness one of the most stunning things I’ve ever seen in my life. About 20 emergency vehicles from FDNY, NYPD, EMS and more turned on their lights and sirens as loud as they could and did a promenade around the block for about 20 minutes. All the while 100’s of health care workers came out into the street in their full PPE to cheer and celebrate each other. I was floored to be a part of this. As only me and several dozen other locals had the opportunity to witness. It was the most moving thing to be able to look into the eyes of these heroes from all walks of life in the same fight together and to be able to cheer them on and celebrate them. . Seeing these folks whom I have the utmost respect for, interact with my work felt magical and knowing that the banner will be up through this time is humbling. Thank you Indiewalls. I will carry this day with me for the rest of my life. . #giveasign #indiewalls #MaimonidesMedicalCenter #essentialworkers #wethankyou

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87 days til the election but let’s just pretend it’s in 57 days and you make sure you get your absentee ballot postmarked and in the mail. If you’re not sure about how to do that PLEASE CLICK THE LIBK IN MY BIO! 💨💨💨 . Please hear me on this: I am not excited in any way by @joebiden Mainly because he has given me no reason to. His criminal justice platform is business as usual and needs to change. The generational gap is extra wide between me and him and he doesn’t seem to care to bridge it. But at the same time my friends, I see him as a means to a more equitable society for this nation. @realdonaldtrump is nothing more than a lunatic and a menace to society who’s goal is to divide. So I will vote my conscious. 🙏🏼 . I had a talk with a very good friend the other day that told me she plans on writing in @pete.buttigieg and was nervous I would judge her but I don’t. I get it. We’re so polarized and exhausted. I loved Mayor Pete too! Lemme remind you I was always a vocal supporter of @elizabethwarren and then I voted for @berniesanders in the NY primary as a statement of my hopes and dreams aligning with theirs. Again I think Old Joe gets us closer. . I also am confident we wouldn’t be in the mess we are in with COVID-19 had this been any other administration than the sorry excuse we have in place today. . If you had to make a decision today in your heart do you know who it would be? And then can your brain and most importantly your gut/intuition support your hearts choice? . Wishing you all a great Friday and weekend and that you stay safe and enjoy the moment as best you can! 🎵 @ketsamusic . #ridinwithbiden 🤔

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